Charity Meetup: building partnerships in the pandemic

A diverse network of connections is essential for both people and organisations in the non-profit sector. The purpose of the Charity Meetup is to help foster and grow these connections.

The Charity Meetup is a friendly event full of skills sharing, networking and fun, and all are welcome. The event was created by Dawn Newton, after noticing that there were lots of events but nothing which supported participants to network in a practical way through facilitated activities.

We’re delighted to be supporting their Supporter Acquisition meetup with a power session on building corporate partnerships in the pandemic.

In just 15 minutes, e will run you through our three top tips for building new, major partnerships during the coronavirus crisis – covering everything from which companies to go for to how to make the approach. We will share insight from charities as varied as Sumatran Orangutan Society to Helen & Douglas House Hospice and demonstrate that you have all the tools you need to get started.