IFC Online: Partnership Opportunities in the Pandemic

In this workshop Catherine and Jonathan will reveal how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for a new era of purpose-driven, business-charity partnerships. Catherine will share stories from Changing Faces, describing how they have proactively engaged companies during the crisis. This includes a major corporate partner who has raised its game in response. She will also share examples of how she has created exciting new partnerships quicker than ever. 

Jonathan will share valuable insight from over 100 brainstorms with charities around the world. He will also share findings from ground-breaking new research launched in July 2020. 

Ultimately, Catherine and Jonathan will share recommendations on how to seize partnership opportunities in this new era. This will include how to stay motivated and relevant, as well as practical steps to engage and inspire businesses. 

You will leave this workshop full of inspiration, equipped with knowledge and tools to create new partnerships to help your charity emerge stronger from the crisis.