International Fundraising Congress 2022

Why join us for IFC? 

Two years into the global pandemic, we can’t go back to the way things were. The world rocked on its axis, and things are not the same.

Our work and personal lives collided. Technology leapt forward. There is a greater sense of human connection – with the self and with humanity as a whole. There is a greater sense that things need to change because they can and because they must.

Yet, all around us, we see increased polarisation and discrimination; instability as global powers shift and wars erupt; and escalating costs exacerbating poverty and inequality as the climate crisis continues.

In this 40th year of IFC, we need to ask ourselves not what the next 40 years will look like, but the next three. We need to challenge ourselves on our duty, our roles, and our impact, and consider how we accelerate change.

Remarkable Partnerships are delighted to be presenting at International Fundraising Congress 2022.

Our masterclass and two workshops will cover the following:

Profit for purpose: How to build ambitious partnerships in the new corporate landscape

The corporate landscape has transformed. Companies have new priorities: managing a hybrid workforce, the acceleration to digital, building more inclusive workplaces, and meeting ambitious environmental goals. And these priorities can cause problems that are too big for any company to tackle on its own.

That’s where purpose-driven partnerships between corporates and non-profits come in: these are opportunities to offer hope and much-needed solutions to companies while providing major opportunities for charities – if they are willing to transform the way they build these partnerships.

These sessions will give you the confidence, skills, and tools you need to build purpose-driven partnerships that deliver on new corporate priorities, and learnings will be brought to life through the inspirational story of how SOS built their international partnership with Lush.

These results-focused sessions includes interactive discussions and break-out sessions. You will:

  • Experience a live demonstration of how to build a unique opportunity for a target prospect based on shared purpose
  • Learn to stand out from the crowd with you unique corporate partnerships offer
  • Leave with a step-by-step approach based on best practices
  • Discover how to identify and target corporate prospects and secure meetings

These sessions will leave you feeling inspired about what’s possible and give you the confidence and focus to create the partnerships your cause needs.