It costs five times more to develop a new partnership than it does to retain an existing one (Invesp). During hard times, your existing charity partners are your lifeline – you need to give them the emotional reasons and the brilliant experience to stay and grow with you.

We believe that your corporate partners are not only important to you right now, but they are also your key to emerging stronger. There are no quick wins in corporate partnerships, but the most easily accessed value is that hidden within existing partners. So, we help you develop a mindset, behaviour and tools to deliver a brilliant experience for your partners. We show you how to create opportunities to grow and invigorate your current partnerships.

You will discover how to develop the same excitement and fascination for your partners that you felt when they were prospects. This will mean you can significantly grow your partnerships and hold onto them for much longer, improving your return on investment.

You can find out more insights on managing partnerships with our blog post: Delivering a 5 Star partnership experience.

Do you want to get more from your existing partnerships and build purpose-driven relationships.  Contact the Remarkable Partnerships team today to get started.