More about us and the Remarkable Partnerships approach

We are a consultancy helping charities create major, long-term corporate partnerships.

Sometimes charities wonder why their corporate partnerships aren’t growing? It could be that they are underselling themselves, or focusing on companies that don’t fit with their cause, or struggling to really engage and inspire companies.

We enable charities to improve their business development skills by being more engaging, focusing on the right prospects, developing compelling opportunities and securing more meetings with companies. In particular we focus on the importance of engaging companies on an emotional level and creating long-term, strategic corporate partnerships.

Meet our remarkable team


Jonathan Andrews

Jonathan is a corporate partnerships specialist with 20 years’ experience. He led successful fundraising teams at Alzheimer’s Society, Age Concern and Action for Children.

At Alzheimer’s Society, his team’s fundraising income increased from £4m to £16m in four years. He has secured major corporate partnerships including BT, Bupa, Credit Suisse, Intel and Santander. He is the co-founder of Byte Night, which has raised over £10 million for Action for Children. In 2013 he created Remarkable Partnerships to help charities and companies create transformational partnerships. He has published two industry reports and he was the project lead on corporate partnerships for the Commission on the Donor Experience. Jonathan leaves people feeling inspired and motivated to be more ambitious.


Andy King

Andy is an award-winning corporate partnerships manager, having been involved in the world of fundraising since 2012.

Andy is a results-driven charity and corporate partnerships specialist. His experience ranges from starting a corporate programme from scratch at East African Playgrounds to helping deliver a headline partnership with Deutsche Bank worth £1.2 million. Andy is motivated by working with charities and companies to utilise cutting-edge tools and models to create ambitious partnerships. In 2018, he was awarded ‘Best Fundraising Newcomer’ at the National Fundraising Awards and was named in the top “25 under 35 fundraisers” by Fundraising Magazine. He is the co-founder of highly popular Fixing Fundraising podcast and Chair of Trustees at Raising Futures Kenya. Andy is a highly motivating speaker and facilitator who inspires people to collaborate to create change.


Georgina Oxlade

Georgina grew up with fundraising in her blood and, as such, is a highly motivated corporate partnerships expert.

Georgina’s experience includes the Prince’s Trust, Children in Need and VSO. Whilst at Children in Need, she won and led the £12million a year principle partnership with Lloyds Banking Group – including designing and delivering a new outreach programme and customer campaign. Whilst at VSO, Georgina delivered large scale international corporate partnerships that helped deliver the charity’s mission. Georgina specialises in bringing purpose to the foreground, team upskilling, and performance analysis and reporting. Georgina is excited to bring her knowledge experience to a wide range of charities.


AJ Mills

AJ is motivated and driven by her love for administration and organisation

AJ is a passionate and highly organised administrative professional, with experience in various business sectors, including the NHS and Housing division . AJ began her career as an administrator early on in life and rapidly learned and grew in her love for all things admin.

AJ takes pride in supporting her colleagues to achieve their goals in effective and timely manner, she does not shy away from a challenge and finds fulfilment in accomplishing administrative tasks and objectives.

AJ is excited to bring her experience and skills to the Remarkable Partnerships team and strives to leave a positive impact anywhere she goes.


Peter Chiswick

Peter is a Partnership Manager with over 20 years of corporate sector experience. As an award-winning results-driven corporate and charity specialist with an MA in Corporate Social Responsibility he’s passionate about developing remarkable partnerships.

Working for companies such as Thomson Reuters, Reed Elsevier and Sony, he’s experienced at developing high revenue, purpose-driven partnerships with major clients such as Google, BBC and KPMG. Peter has also delivered a number of internal innovative initiatives that focused on employee motivation and professional development. Awarded both Thomson Reuters and Sony Salesperson of the Year.

Recently Peter has successfully implemented a corporate fundraising strategy for a leading care home provider to engage and then develop long-term strategic corporate partnerships.

Peter is passionate about providing purpose-driven partnerships for both companies and charities.


Denise Cranston

Denise is a Corporate Charity Partnership professional who cares passionately about people and communities.

Denise has over 23 years’ experience working with Northern Irelands’ leading companies helping them to develop their strategy and approach to corporate responsibility. She has worked closely with Allstate NI, Liberty IT, Pwc, Openreach, Lidl, Henderson Group, to name a few, and a key part of her role has been to support companies with their Corporate Charity partnerships.

Denise is also well known for her work in the charity and social enterprise sectors. She has been instrumental in facilitating corporate charity matches and partnerships and she has personally been involved as a Trustee for a number of small local charities. She also played an important role in the development and management of Social Enterprise NI.

Denise is highly skilled at relationship management and helping to build purpose driven partnerships.


Nicola O'Donnell

Nicola is a corporate partnerships specialist with 16 years’ experience and is passionate about working with charities to create major, long-term shared-purpose corporate partnerships.

Nicola has led a successful corporate fundraising team at Rainbow Trust increasing income from 100k to 2.1 million,  securing a number of major corporate partnerships including Deutsche bank Nomura, Invesco, The Jockey Club, Cafe Rouge, and DHL.  Joining Momentum Children’s Charity, she went on to secure partnerships with ICAP, XL Catlin, Jupiter, Manulife, and Berkeley Homes.


Nicola Aquila

Nicola is a Partnerships Manager with 20 years' experience in account management and new business, passionate about charity causes the impact that corporate partnerships can achieve

Nicola is a Partnerships Manager with 20 years’ experience in account management and new business. She is super passionate about working with charities and corporates to drive significant change and impact through purpose driven partnerships enabling them to reach their fullest potential. 

Nicola’s charity experience is in the healthcare sector, where she secured corporate partnerships with companies such as Amazon and Virgin Money, doubling her corporate income within 2 years. Nicola also ran her own sales publication business for 12 years, where she grew to a monthly distribution of 12,000. 

Nicola is excited to bring her experience and enthusiasm to the team and believes with that, remarkable, purpose driven partnerships can be achieved.  


Hannah Hockin

Hannah is driven, passionate and committed to the sector

 Her early career was in Event Management with proven success across both large-scale and specialised training. Which then led to her first fundraising role where she managed events, community and corporate fundraising before refining her career in corporate partnerships.  

Hannah is a strategic partnerships manager with experience managing multiple complex relationships and keeping lots of plates spinning. She possesses a natural ability to listen and understand her clients needs/requirements and does so with warmth and compassion. Recently working on the Centrica Carers UK partnership which won ‘best partnership with a national charity’ category at the Better Society Awards 

Hannah also serves on the Chartered Institute of Fundraisings Corporate Special Interest Group Committee. The committee’s purpose is to support our peers to have opportunities to meet, network and learn with others. 


Laura Swan

Laura is a corporate partnerships specialist with over 19 years experience

Laura has worked with charities to build transformational corporate partnerships, including Fathers Network Scotland, Mercy Corps and Save the Children. 


She has worked on partnerships ranging from £25,000 to £3m+, and her most recent employee engagement campaign brought in over £1.3million. In her role at Mercy Corps she worked as part of a team to increase income from corporate partners by over £9million from 2021 to 2022.  


Laura injects enthusiasm, compassion and energy and thrives on supporting organisations and teams to dream big. She loves working with charities and companies to take their partnerships from transactional to transformational – bringing meaningful change to our world.