More about us and the Remarkable Partnerships approach

We are a consultancy helping companies and charities create successful partnerships together. Corporate-charity partnerships are a significant opportunity, especially in tough economic times, because they help both partners deliver their core objectives.

However, there are barriers that hold back these partnerships, such as mismatched objectives and differences in organisational culture. We help you overcome these barriers by creating partnerships built on share purpose. This shared why is the foundation to create strategic and transformational partnerships that will help your organisation deliver your mission.

Our clients tell us they value our support because we are inspiring, experts and we offer practical advice to deliver results. Book a discovery call if you would like to discuss how we can help you maximise your corporate-charity partnerships.

Meet our remarkable team


Jonathan Andrews

Jonathan is our Founder and Managing Director. He has 25 years' experience as a corporate-charity partnerships specialist.

He led successful fundraising teams at Alzheimer’s Society, Age Concern and Action for Children. At Alzheimer’s Society, his team’s fundraising income increased from £4m to £16m in four years. He has secured major corporate partnerships including BT, Bupa, Credit Suisse, Intel and Santander. He is the co-founder of Byte Night, which has raised over £13.5 million for Action for Children. In 2013 he created Remarkable Partnerships to help charities and companies create transformational partnerships. He has published five industry reports and he was the project lead on corporate partnerships for the Commission on the Donor Experience. Jonathan leaves people feeling inspired and motivated to be more ambitious.


Georgina Oxlade

Georgina is our Director of Operations. She grew up with fundraising in her blood and she is a highly motivated corporate partnerships expert.

corporate partnerships expert. Georgina’s experience includes the Prince’s Trust, Children in Need and VSO. Whilst at Children in Need, she won and led the £12million a year principle partnership with Lloyds Banking Group – including designing and delivering a new outreach programme and customer campaign. Whilst at VSO, Georgina delivered large scale international corporate partnerships that helped deliver the charity’s mission. Georgina specialises in bringing purpose to the foreground, team upskilling, and performance analysis and reporting. Georgina is excited to bring her knowledge experience to a wide range of charities.


Peter Chiswick

Peter is our Corporate Director with over 20 years corporate sector experience.

As an award-winning results-driven corporate and charity specialist with an MA in Corporate Social Responsibility he’s passionate about developing remarkable partnerships.

Working for companies such as Thomson Reuters, Reed Elsevier and Sony, he’s experienced at developing high revenue, purpose-driven partnerships with major clients such as Google, BBC and KPMG. Peter has also delivered a number of internal innovative initiatives that focused on employee motivation and professional development. Awarded both Thomson Reuters and Sony Salesperson of the Year.

Recently Peter has successfully implemented a corporate fundraising strategy for a leading care home provider to engage and then develop long-term strategic corporate partnerships.

Peter is passionate about providing purpose-driven partnerships for both companies and charities.