Finding and Engaging Your Top Prospects

When we think about identifying prospects, our tendency is to keep adding more companies to our list. The challenge can be having too many prospects. The best approach, which is adopted by some of the most successful charities in the UK, is to really focus and identify your top 10 prospects.This gives you a powerful focused action oriented list of 10 companies that will help you secure major partnerships that drive growth.

We have developed an interactive way to quickly find out exactly which companies your charity could be working with. Often this means considering the less “obvious” companies. We shortlist the companies that are the best fit and those who will really benefit from a partnership with your charity. We also ensure that your top prospects are realistic, so you have a genuine opportunity to secure meetings and present an inspiring proposition for a remarkable partnership.

The most important part of any journey is that last mile. So we work with you to create a dynamic action plan to engage you top prospects. This includes enhancing your skills and confidence to secure meetings and helping you start to prepare a winning pitch.