Strengthening and Growing Partnerships

Sales experts often say that attracting new customers will cost you five times more than retaining existing customers. We believe this also applies to corporate partnerships. Your corporate partners are incredibly important to your charity and it is vital that you give them focus and a brilliant experience so they stay with you.

Unfortunately some corporate partners are neglected. There is lots of enthusiasm and attention when they are a prospect, but shortly after they become a partner then the interest and fascination dies away. Some charities assume that their continued support is guaranteed because they are a partner. So they don’t need inspiration or much contact at all.

We believe that your corporate partners are not only important to you right now, but they also offer significant growth opportunities for the future. So we help you develop a mindset, behaviour and tools so you deliver a brilliant experience for your partners. We don’t advocate you manage partners, rather you constantly develop them. We also show you how to create opportunities to grow and invigorate your partnerships.

You will discover how to develop the same excitement and fascination for your partners that you felt when they were prospects. This will mean you can significantly grow your partnerships and hold onto them for much longer.