Remarkable Pitching

The aim of a pitch or presentation is to change somebody’s opinion. In the context of corporate partnerships your aim is to persuade the company that a partnership with your charity is an exciting and significant opportunity. So it is really important that you have excellent pitching skills.

Whenever you meet companies you are pitching. In Remarkable Pitching we focus on two scenarios: the competitive pitch and prospect meetings. We will share how to tailor your pitch for each scenario and the key factors that deliver success in both situations.

There are four stages in the pitching process: preparation, creation, delivery and follow-up. We know there is a tendency to neglect the first and last stages and focus just on the middle two. This significantly weakens your pitch. So we have a simple and powerful method to create remarkable pitches that walks you through each stage.

In this training you will discover how to create and deliver inspiring, ambitious and partnership-focused pitches that will significantly increase your chances of securing major corporate partnerships.