How does your company select its charity partners, and what is this based on? Is it a strategic and objective choice based on your company’s skills, expertise, values and opportunity to make impact? Or is it an almost random selection based on who has met who, or an employee vote?

We work to define your key prospect criteria when selecting a charities. Once we understand your criteria, we will engage in a process of prospect research. Remarkable Partnerships draws from our years’ worth of work within the charity sector. This process includes:

  • Undertaking in-depth research into potential charity partners,
  • Short-listing four of five organisations to review.
  • Setting up meetings with the selected two or three charity organisations.

This extensive process means you are meeting with organisations that are vetted to match your criteria, and will help you choose the most partner with whom you can create the most value.

Is your company ready to start working on looking for the right charity partner prospects? Contact the Remarkable Partnerships team today to get started.