Corporate Partnerships Masterclass

This masterclass took place on 15-16 May at Missenden Abbey.
Please see below feedback and testimonials from the attendees.


  • How would you rate the masterclass overall?   4.94 (out of 5)
  • How would you rate the facilitation of the masterclass?   4.76 (out of 5)
  • How would you rate the masterclass content?   4.82 (out of 5)
  • How would you rate the venue?   4.29 (out of 5)


“The Remarkable Partnerships Corporate Mastery Programme was honestly the best training course I have ever been on. It was packed with varied and inspiring content, as well as interesting real-world examples of successful partnerships. Jonathan, Royston and Helen shared their wealth of knowledge and were always on hand to offer useful advice and practical tips. I feel the course has armed me with the necessary tools to approach our existing and potential corporate partnerships with a fresh perspective, but perhaps most importantly, I have gained a newly found confidence. This new confidence has already enabled me to secure a meeting with one of our top prospects and I am excited to see what else I can achieve having been on this fantastic programme.”

Jade Ashby-Rozier, Transaid


“This course is a must if you are hoping to progress in your corporate partnerships career. It provides you with the insight on the sector and the skills and tools to secure and deliver successful, strategic partnerships. It was a fun, educational and energising two days (I wish I could do it all again!) Jonathan, Royston and Helen were so approachable, friendly and have inspired me to continue down the corporate partnerships class. I am very new to the sector and have had moments of not believing in my abilities. I now have the confidence to create ‘remarkable partnerships’. Thanks so much!”

Josie Hough, KIDS Charity


“I’ve attended many training sessions throughout my career in the charity sector, some more useful than others. The Remarkable Partnerships Masterclass was one of the most impactful, inspiring and engaging courses I’ve ever been on, and I left feeling motivated to push myself to new levels in my role, and excited to put into practise the things we learned! The two days were intense and packed with high quality content, delivered by knowledgeable trainers who were keen to ensure we all got the most out of our time, and were flexible with requests to cover specific additional topics. The group quickly developed a trust and camaraderie, driven by a mutual understanding of the challenges corporate fundraising can bring, and it became a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, which was a joy to experience. The content covered was thorough and current, with some really useful stats and insights, and some dynamic ways of turning pitches, presentations and proposals on their head to achieve greater success. We were shown some really powerful examples, and given lots of chances to break off into smaller groups to exercise our learnings as we went. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone working in Corporate fundraising, whether you’re new or have been in this field for a long time. It’s easy to become so used to how we do things that we get stuck in a particular way of thinking and become limited by our own experience, and this training was a really great opportunity to take familiar challenges and look at them in an unfamiliar light, and elevate the potential to build some really exciting partnerships.”

Lorraine Varley, Parkinson’s UK


“This course is great to encourage you to think bigger and better. Less bakes sales more greater impact. It’s all about the simplifying and bringing it back to the story every time. RP are full of enthusiasm, experience and expertise – if you are new to corporate fundraising this is a must. Even if you aren’t new to corporate fundraising you will learn a lot on this course.”

Jen Woolridge, SolarAid


From the facilitators, to the content, the venue and the value, the Remarkable Partnerships Masterclass was well worth attending. I’ve come back into my charity bursting with ideas and looking forward to seeing where it will all take me. I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to develop their corporate partnership offering.

Katie Williams, Tecniquest Glyndwr


This was quite simply one of the best training courses I have ever been on. Jonathan, Royston and Helen were a wonderful mix of tutors who were generous in their guidance and were able to relate to everyone in the room. In London you would pay twice the price to receive something half the value. Thank you for two of the best training days of my life.

Lee Lloyd, Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity


Jonathan and the RP team approach and energy is inspiring. The training both equips and provides that much needed space and time, to start putting the learning into practise.

Linds Roche, Theodora Children’s Charity


The masterclass was insightful. I left feeling energised and left with new ideas that I can quickly action. It was great to work with a group of likeminded people who are passionate about what they do.

Ally, Unlocked Graduates


Brilliant two days with experienced and enthusiastic facilitators. A great refresher and time spent focusing on skills with a lovely bunch of fantastic fundraisers. Would recommend.

Michelle Hunt, RSPB Wales


“I can’t recommend this course enough. It has changed my thinking about corporate fundraising in my charity – andin particular has inspired me to think in terms of transformational partnerships … watch this space.”

Ros Lee, Rennie Grove Hospice Care


“One of the best and most inspirational training events I have ever attended . Well thought out, fabulous engaging delivery, practical tasks for learning. Put together by expert who really want you to succeed. Totally recommend to big and small charities.”

Judy Elliott, International China Concern


“The two days spent on the Corporate Partnerships Masterclass helped me to feel confident in the knowledge I already had whilst broadening my horizons of what I feel is possible in my own team and charity. Meeting others in the sector was also brilliant for sharing experiences and learning from one another; it felt like a safe and collaborative environment to test ideas and feel inspired. Jonathan, Royston and Helen were fantastic, engaging speakers who covered every aspect of securing corporate partnerships and were generous and flexible in incorporating additional concerns or subject matter as the course continued.”

Kathryn Elvin, Richard House Children’s Hospice


“The ‘Corporate Partnerships Masterclass’ was a fantastic couple of days filled with enthusiasm and creativity. The course provided practical and inspiring advice to improve our approach to partnerships and I can’t wait to secure the next transnational partnership for Missing People using a few of their techniques!”

Alex Livingstone, Missing People


“Truly inspiring!”

Phil Hunter, St Mungo’s