Pitching Skills

 Discover how you can pitch partnerships into existence…

Creating successful corporate partnerships comes down to moments. Moments when your audience is so emotionally engaged that they are climbing over the table to partner with you.

The problem is that when it comes to pitching, we often copy and paste the last presentation we did or we freeze and lose confidence. We do not recognise it as the transformational moment it can be.

Remarkable Partnerships are proud to present our new training course that will give you the confidence, skills and tools to deliver pitches that build partnerships.

What you will learn

  • How to create a plan for a successful pitch.
  • How to create fresh and emotionally engaging pitches.
  • What content you should include and what you should leave out.
  • The importance of active listening and body language.
  • How to deliver pitches with confidence.

What you will take away

  • Your own pitch plan built with guidance from the experts.
  • An extraordinary pitch you can use to grow partnerships and secure prospects.
  • Experience of practicing pitching in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Confidence that you can deliver a pitch that resonates with business leaders.

Learning style

Our training is results-focussed, so we will give you a step by step guide to building and delivering your pitch. Each session will combine theory, and insightful examples from successful corporate-charity partnership. The final session will give you the opportunity to practise your pitch in a safe and supportive environment.

Time, date and location

The course is online from 9.30am-12.30pm BST on Wednesday 4th December.

Please book your space through the Eventbrite link.

£145 +VAT


Peter Chiswick

Peter is our Corporate Director with over 20 years corporate sector experience.As an award-winning results-driven corporate and charity specialist with an MA in Corporate Social Responsibility he’s passionate about developing remarkable partnerships.Working for companies such as Thomson Reuters, Reed Elsevier and Sony, he’s experienced at developing high revenue, purpose-driven partnerships with major clients such as Google, BBC and KPMG. Peter has also delivered a number of internal innovative initiatives that focused on employee motivation and professional development. Awarded both Thomson Reuters and Sony Salesperson of the Year.Recently Peter has successfully implemented a corporate fundraising strategy for a leading care home provider to engage and then develop long-term strategic corporate partnerships.

Peter is passionate about providing purpose-driven partnerships for both companies and charities.