5 recommendations to build a high performing team 

We know that charities are finding recruitment and retention of corporate fundraisers tough in the current market. There is hope. Charities who are investing in their people now are seeing the results. If you would like to build a high performing team who are engaged and motivated, find out how by following our recommendations: 

1.Create an internal partnerships culture  

A partnership culture needs to be created beyond the corporate team. You need marketing, services, senior management, and trustees all to support partnerships. You are all there for the same reason, to solve your charity’s mission. So if you work well together you will you achieve your mission faster, which is motivating for everyone. We recommend you have regular meetings with colleagues to understand their priorities and agree ways of working together. Don’t forget to create moments to share the current trends corporate in partnerships by using case studies. This will help spark new ideas for your charity.  

2. Celebrate the little wins  

In fundraising we often delay the celebration until a new partner is confirmed, or the money is in the bank. But it is much more motivating to celebrate the little wins along the way too. How about creating moments to celebrate meetings being secured, or more participants taking part in an event, or new senior contacts being made within your partnerships. Remarkable Partnerships do this too. We have a team WhatsApp group to celebrate all the good things that happen in our week.  

3. Focus on value, not cash 

Big financial targets sometimes feel daunting, so they can demotivate fundraisers. So it’s important to record non-financial value too. When you have receive free support from a company, or a product is gifted to you, this should be recorded and reported alongside the income you receive. We recommend you include value targets in your team goals, not just an income target. 

4. Active listening 

Active listening is a communication skill that involves going beyond simply hearing the words that another person says, but also seeking to understand the meaning and intent behind them. If you are want communicate effectively with your team and colleagues, then you need to actively listen. Finding our more about your colleagues’ needs builds trust, understanding and loyalty. We recommend you practice active listening techniques in your interactions with colleagues and notice the positive effect it has on your relationships. 

5. Training and development  

When your corporate fundraising team gets busy, training and development often falls down the list of priorities. However, it is essential that you and your team prioritise learning so you can increase your motivation and effectiveness. We recommend you create a personal development plan for each member of your tea. Find out what skills they want to improve a build the plan together. Ensure that regular training is scheduled for individuals and as a whole team. Learning together will unite the team and increase everyone’s skills and confidence.  

We hope you found this blog useful. We would love to hear your feedback and any other recommendations on how to build a high-performing team. Please email team@remarkablepartnerships.com 

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