Discover our 2023 highlights

At this time of year, it’s great to reflect and remember our highlights. 2023 has been a challenging and remarkable year for us, so we want to share our 7 proud moments with you. 

  • In January we received a wonderful phone call from Tom Harbour, CEO at Learning with Parents. He told us that they had followed our recommended approach to secure a three-year partnership with IG Group worth £750,000.  
  • We launched our Hidden Opportunities report which showed why companies and charities are missing out on valuable partnership opportunities, and what you can do to unlock them. The report has been downloaded 351 times. 
  • We delivered bespoke training for Stonewall’s Client Account Managers (CAMs) to help them identify and upsell partnership opportunities. Adrian Riches, Head of Business Development, said, “The training has resulted in a 100% increase in partnership opportunities referred by CAMs to our corporate partnerships team.” 
  • We were proud to hear Tim Pethick CEO of Nomad Exhibitions talk so enthusiastically about their partnership with SolarAid. He said, ““For us it’s about doing something extraordinary, with great people.” 
  • We delivered two workshops on The Power of Shared Purpose at IFC 2023. Participants scored our sessions 4.8 out of 5.  
  • We delivered our Introduction to Corporate Partnerships training three times this year. Kelsey Lawrence from Bowel Cancer UK said, “I would recommend to anyone starting out in Corporate Partnerships. I left feeling like I was ready to take on my new role!” 
  • We delivered a powerful talk at a corporate engagement for Martin House children’s hospice. After the event they said, “Your messaging was absolutely spot on and your support in talking to our prospects was invaluable.” 

If you have a charity-corporate partnerships highlight from 2023 that you want to share with us, please email 

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