5 ways to become a prospect magnet

In tough economic times it is vital that we focus on securing new corporate partnerships. You can increase your chances of success by making your charity more attractive to companies, so here are five ways you can become a prospect magnet. 

1.Ask for referrals 
In his bestselling book ‘Influence’, Robert Cialdini’s shares the law of liking which means we like and trust. This is why warm contacts are so valuable.​ So we recommend you hold a contact mapping session with your colleagues, senior management, and trustees, to build a list of contacts that you can approach. Use your network to ask for introductions,. Being recommended by a warm contact significantly increases your chances of securing a meeting with a prospect.   

2.Clarify your offer 
Think clearly about what your charity can offer companies. What makes you unique? How can you help them solve some of their greatest business challenges, such as attracting and retaining employees. Having a unique and clear offer that speaks to companies will make your charity much more attractive to potential corporate partners. Be clear about your offer on your website and social media platforms, so when companies are looking for a charity partner, they can easily see the benefit to them. Also make it simple for prospects to contact you by giving a named person who they can contact.  

3.Create a free download 
What are companies are searching for related to your cause? And what can you offer in response? We recommend you brainstorm these questions with your colleagues.​ Once you have some ideas then you can create a free download that companies receive in exchange for their ​email address. The company will benefit from the valuable information in the download and you will have their contact details to follow up. This idea uses the law of reciprocity. When someone does something for you, you want to give them something back in return.  

4.Use the law of scarcity 
When we believe something is in short supply we want it more! Especially if we are told  it’s the “last one” or that a “special deal” will soon expire. In short, we hate to miss out, and that is the law of scarcity in action. You can use this law to increase your success with prospects. For example you could say, “We are building five strategic partnerships and have researched over 100 companies and you are in our top three.” Give your prospects that sense of urgency so the feel the need to act quickly or they will miss out. 

5.Network, network, network! 
Networking is the art of building connections with other professionals. And the power is incredible. Networking works because it increases your visibility, builds your reputation helps you make more impactful connections. Networking dramatically increases your chances of engaging your ideal corporate prospects. So the next time someone invites you to an event, say yes because you never know where it might lead, or whom you might meet!  

We hope you found this blog useful. We would love to hear from you if you have any feedback or recommendations you want to add. 

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