Five essential apps for corporate partnerships success

Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” In other words, it’s essential that you and your team have the right tools at your fingertips.

The right tools increase efficiency, enabling you to seize opportunities quicker. They also make your job much more enjoyable. So, we want to tell you about five apps we recommend, to help you secure and build major corporate partnerships.

This has been our best discovery during lockdown. When we’re brainstorming ideas for partners and prospects, we love to get out our Sharpie pens and Post-it notes and stick them all over the wall. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really work online. So, we use Mural instead. You can create a Post-it note with a simple double-click. You can change colours, size and shape in seconds. The end product is an inspiring display of all your ideas and so much more rewarding than writing text in a Word document.

LinkedIn is an old favourite of ours. But it’s so important we couldn’t leave it out. The main reason we use it is to find the right person to approach in a company. We recommend approaching the CEO or Marketing Director and LinkedIn is the place to find them. Once you’ve found them you can discover the posts they share and where they have worked before. You can also make an approach by sending a LinkedIn message or asking to connect.

Rocket Reach
Once you’ve identified the person you want to approach, then Rocket Reach is a brilliant way to find out their email address. It always amazes us how few people have heard of this incredible app, because we use it all the time. In our experience Rocket Reach helps us find the right email address 80% of the time – and people are spending more time at their desks right now, meaning emails are more effective than ever.

Once you’ve secured your meeting you want to make sure that you create a powerful presentation that knocks their socks-off. Inspirational images are so important, and we’ve often spent money on buying images in the past. But now we’re saving our cash using Unsplash. The images are beautiful, free and it’s simple to use.

Your prospect pipeline is one your most important tools to win major new partnerships. That’s why we were delighted when Paul Moore, Associate Director of Fundraising at Winston’s Wish, recommended Pipedrive. He says, “I use Pipedrive for managing my pipeline and really recommend it – all the info still sits in our database, I just find Pipedrive much more efficient for overview purposes.”

We hope these recommended apps help you increase your corporate partnerships success. We’d love to hear which apps you use and recommend. You can email us at

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