How Charities Can Create Remarkable Corporate Partnerships

Over the last year I have taken part in a business growth programme called ‘Key Person of Influence’, the culmination of which was an event called ‘Pitch-Fest’. At this event we had the opportunity to pitch our business to a panel of experts and a room full of business people.

The following video shows my pitch and the feedback from the panel.

My purpose was to explain how my company, Remarkable Partnerships, is helping charities create game-changing corporate partnerships. We are making huge progress in helping charities communicate with companies in a more powerful and inspiring way. We are also enabling charities to meet with some very exciting companies.

Watching this video is a great way to get to know me and how Remarkable Partnerships can help you bring more success to your charity.

Once you have watched the video, please feel inclined to write a comment in the area provided below. As management expert, Ken Blanchard once said, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions” and I would greatly value your thoughts.

Jonathan Andrews introduces Remarkable Partnerships

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  1. Brave thing to do to stand up in front of such seasoned corporate professionals – you clearly knocked their boots off! Well done 🙂

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