Youth Futures

I’m inspired by the young people and volunteers at Youth Futures. It’s a South London charity that runs a youth club in Camberwell. They provide a safe place for young people age 5 to 19 and give them opportunities to build their confidence and grow.

In September 2011 their funding ran out and they’ve been surviving on a shoe-string and the good will of their volunteers ever since. I first visited the youth club in January when it was snowing and freezing cold. But the club was full of youngsters running around, buzzing and full of energy. I saw a fire burning in the eyes of the happy young people and talented volunteers and I thought “this place deserves to be funded.”

So we’re working together to grow fundraising and secure their financial future. In March they organised a showcase where the young people performed music and poetry to a packed and inspired audience, including the Mayor and local Councillor. It was hugely successful and the Councillor announced that Southwark Council had decided to give the project a grant. I had tears in my eyes and I wasn’t alone.

And last week we created their first ever fundraising strategy. I’m struck by the change I’m seeing in the Project Leader and volunteers who are feeling much more confident about fundraising and the future of the youth club.

These young people are growing up in the 9th poorest borough in England, but they deserve to have their dreams like any young people on this planet. And it is a privilege for me to be working with them to make those dreams a reality.

You can learn more about Youth Futures by watching this film.

And if you want to donate to them, please email me at

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