Our top 5 blogs to brighten your day

Spring has well and truly sprung, and it seems like the perfect time to take a look back at our favourite blogs from my first year at Remarkable partnerships. Everything from setting up your first transformational partnerships to being inspired by other great success stories. 

1. From reactive to proactive 

What we love about our 5 insights from a first transformational partnership blog is it highlighting 5 clear tips on what is required to be ready for a partnership. When moving away from transactional and reactive, it is important to look at what contacts you already have within your corporate prospects organisation. These contacts will likely already understand who you are as an charity and what you stand for. Often these contacts are also connected personally to your cause. 

2. Strategy is key 

The presence of strategy gives you focus and consistency and dramatically increases your chances of success. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of being everything for everyone but it’s important to keep asking yourself, “What is unique about your charity?” and “Why is what you do so important?” Maya Angelou said, “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” Read more from the blog about 5 features of a successful corporate partnership strategy here

3. Its what’s inside that matters 

You may be a team of one, or one hundred, either way our experience shows that involving your wider colleagues is probably the greatest factor determining your success.  Our 5 recommendations to build a strong internal partnership blog talks about how to optimise your colleagues’ skills and experience and bring them on board with corporate partnerships. Different departments or colleagues will like to be communicated with or involved in different ways and it is your role to best understand that. Use our internal partnerships blog  to help guide your conversations. 

4. Don’t forget to delight 

When in the depths of account managing multiple partnerships, it is easy to get overwhelmed. This blog on 5 recommendations for remarkable account management gives you a chance to take a step back and look at how you can go above and beyond to delight your partner. The goal is to know your partner, understand what is important to them. This might be to set up news alerts for the company, join their mailing list, or following the company on LinkedIn. 

5. Spotting the remarkable 

Isn’t it great when you spot a partnership that gives value to both the corporate and the charity. For us it’s when you can see the real shared purpose. Since this blog on five insights from five inspiring partnerships, another partnership has stood out: the partnership between TENA and Carers UK.  We love this partnership because it is built on a strong shared purpose.  Both TENA and Carers UK understand the challenges of carers and their families. 

If you enjoyed this blog, and all those within it and want to make your own partnerships remarkable, then how about you join us at our next Masterclass taking place on the 28th and 29th June at Missenden Abbey. Find our more here: https://www.remarkablepartnerships.com/event/corporate-partnerships-masterclass-june23/ 

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