The challenge 

Learning with Parents knew that they had the opportunity to secure significant support from the corporate sector, based on their exiting relationship with Credit Suisse. However, they were not sure where to start, so they asked Remarkable Partnerships to help them build a target prospect list and support to help them secure meetings and deliver new business pitches.


The solution 

We helped Learning with Parents identify their target prospects using the following five step process:

1. Contact mapping workshop with trustees and colleagues.

2. Priority industry session to increase focus.

3. Prospect workshop to create long list of 20 prospects.

4. Prospect research creating profiles for each of the 20 companies.

5. Shortlisting session to reduce the list to their top 10.

We then provided them with six months of continuous support to seize opportunities. This included brainstorms to build partnership opportunities, pitch-building sessions and momentum calls to help secure meetings and keep moving prospects forwards.



Learning with Parents secured three new partnerships worth £833k as follows:

1. Three-year partnership with IG worth £750k.

2. Promethean worth £25k.

3. Access Group Foundation worth £58k.

Their investment with Remarkable Partnerships was £8,600 which delivered a return on investment of 97:1.