The Challenge

Senior management at Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care (PTHC) were unsure whether corporate partnerships could be a viable income stream. Their approach to corporate partnerships was quite reactive, low level and safe. They were struggling to see the bigger opportunities that could be available by partnering with companies. Corporate partnerships income for 2014/15 was £156k. Also their Corporate Partnerships Manager, Georgi Robinson Welch, was relatively inexperienced in corporate fundraising.

The Solution

PTHC asked Remarkable Partnerships to work with them over a period of twelve months to develop a new approach to take corporate partnerships onto the next level.

We started by asking PTHC to complete a corporate partnerships assessment that provided them with a comprehensive report on 20 key success factors. This enabled us to identify which areas needed the most attention. We also provided mentor support for Georgi, which consisted of monthly face-to-face meetings and phone calls.

We supported PTHC to develop a pro-active, results-focused approach to corporate partnerships. This included identifying top prospects, developing partnership ideas and using emotional stories. We also created a new corporate partnerships strategy and involved key colleagues across the organisation.

Key Benefits

The benefits have been huge for PTHC. In 2015/16, income from corporate partnerships increased by 55%, to £242k. PTHC also secured their biggest ever corporate partnership with Bridges Estate Agents, worth £100k over three years.

Georgi’s confidence, focus, and skills have been transformed. They have a clear process for delivering partnerships and they have transformed how they pitch to companies. Also the whole organisation, including the Senior Management Team and Trustees, now see the potential of corporate partnerships.